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Article: All about Sake Lees: Japan’s Anti-ageing Superfood 

All about Sake Lees: Japan’s Anti-ageing Superfood 

All about Sake Lees: Japan’s Anti-ageing Superfood 

The star ingredient of EDOBIO’s products, Sake Lees (or 酒粕/sake kasu) is a by-product of the sake-making process. Rich in peptides, amino-acids and vitamins, it’s a Japanese beauty secret that’s been passed down from one generation to the next, and the Western beauty world is only just discovering it.

What differentiates sake lees from sake, and how does it benefit our skin? Read on to find out.

What is Sake Lees & how is it made?

Synonymous with Japan, sake is known worldwide for its unique flavour. A time-honoured tradition, the sake-making process usually involves inoculating steamed rice with a fungus called koji. The koji releases enzymes that break down rice starch into sugar, and when yeast is added, the sugars are converted into alcohol. After 27 days of fermentation, the fermented rice mash is pressed and the sake is drawn off. The solid mash that remains after the sake has been drawn off is what's known as sake kasu or sake lees.

Is Sake Lees eco-friendly?

As a by-product of the sake-making process, the Japanese have multiple uses for sake lees. Commonly recycled into amazake (sweet sake), sake lees can even be grilled and eaten like a cracker to or be incorporated by home cooks into dishes like bread, cheesecake or ice-cream.

However, most sake lees in Japan are actually disposed of as industrial waste and not repurposed at all. By using sake lee in cosmetics, beauty brands like EDOBIO contribute to ecology and embody clean beauty.

How does Sake Lees benefit the skin?

Sake lees’ claim to fame is it’s powerful anti-ageing benefits. Rich in Vitamin B, sake lees helps to speed up skin turnover and regenerate the skin, slowing down the ageing process and keeping the skin plump and firm. It is also rich in:

Aids in fading and lightening pigmentation and age spots

Linoleic Acid
Strengthens the skin’s barrier so it can effectively retain hydration and keep irritants out

Tried and tested by generations of Japanese women, sake lees has been proven to be effective in moisturizing and nourishing the skin, tightening pores and soothing inflammation and acne.

How to use Sake Lees into your skincare routine

Fermented with BiProGE (EDOBIO’s proprietarily developed lactic acid bacteria), EDOBIO’s new SAKETERNAL line contains Sake Lees extracts that you can incorporate into your routine today: 

EDOBIO Radiance Booster Mask
A booster for radiant skin, this rinse-off clay mask helps the skin combat damage from external factors. With mineral rich kucha (sea salt) from Okinawa, it softens the skin’s texture and promotes a bright complexion.Click here to explore.

EDOBIO Fresh Balancing Toner

A spray lotion with a lightweight formula, this product contains a carefully selected blend of botanicals for moisture that lasts. It can also be used as a mist throughout the day for additional hydration. Click here to explore.

EDOBIO Intensive Hydration Serum
A unique double-layer serum, this product provides concentrated hydration that rejuvenates the skin while keeping the skin’s natural protective moisture intact. With sweet potato root extract & blueberry root extract, this serum promotes circulation and skin clarity. Click here to explore.

EDOBIO’s SAKETERNAL line can be used both day and night for a holistic anti-ageing skincare routine. However, as sake kasu contains about 5%-8% alcohol, it is best to make sure to use SPF products in the morning.

To complete the routine, start with a gentle cleanser.

EDOBIO Floradiance Soufflé moisturizing Soap
Containing BiProGE, this alkaline soap is suitable for both the face and the body. Creating a "soufflé" type of foam, it contains no harmful additives and cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture or leaving it dry. 

What makes EDOBIO’s Sake Lees products special?

Aside from using high quality sake lees from Michisakari (a brewery in the Gifu Prefecture that uses methods passed down from the Edo Period), EDOBIO developed a “lactobacillus-fermented sake lees” extract by adding BiProGE, EDOBIO’s proprietary lactic acid bacteria. Specially fermented and cultivated, the result is an extract with higher immune activity that moisturizes the skin well while improving the texture and preventing dullness.

If you’re looking for hydrating and anti-ageing products that incorporate traditional ingredients mixed with innovative technology, sake lees should be on your radar. Incorporate sake lees into your skincare routine for visibly brighter and younger skin, and check out EDOBIO’s selection of sake lees infused products today.

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