Basic Full Protection Set with Free KN95 Mask

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EDOBIO has all the skin & body care products you need to achieve skin immunity you've always wanted! The skin is largest organ and its important for immunity by providing a barrier of protection to the body.

Shop the best of Skin protection care ready to go in exclusive value sets.
Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Skincare & Body Care.

★Free Gift - KN95 Mask for serious protection !

★Free shipping  - for a limited time!

The basic set includes its masu soap, ukiyoe soap gift set, tie 2 serum, ukiyoe serum sachets and a ukiyoe soap dish set.  A free KN95 mask comes with set. The KN95 mask meets standard requirements, has approximately a 94 percent filtration efficiency and protects against non-oil airborne particles, according to the FDA. 

What’s included!

EDOBIO Masu Soap                            US$35  

UKIYOE SOAP Gift Set                        US$46

UKIYOE Soap Dish set                        US$22

Tie2 Serum 30ml & 15ml                     US$150

UKIYOE Serum  30 sachets                 US$54

Free gift KN95 Mask with Valve           

Total more than US$ 300 value of sets! 

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