All Japanese Tea Blend - Roasted Green Tea and Ginger


Enjoy the fragrance of the ginger and tea blend, suited for when you want to stimulate your inner health.

A highly fragrant, high-temperature roasted green tea from Kagoshima prefecture as the base tea, blended with a rich ginger flavor and polyphenol-rich Kunisato No. 35. The blend of roasted green tea and ginger, each containing pyrazine and chlorophyll, and gingerol respectively, is the perfect blend for maintaining your health everyday. Enjoy a refreshing flavor with a spicy fragrance and sourness from blueberries.

*No preservatives, No synthetic fragrance, No synthetic color

2g x 20(40g)


Made in Japan

Roasted Green Tea (Japan), Blueberry Leaf (Japan), Ginger (Japan)

Hot tea:
1) Place 1 tea bag in a heat-resistant cup and pour over 200~300 ml of hot water.
2) Brew for 5 minutes.
3) Remove the tea bag and enjoy your tea.

Iced tea:
1) Place 2 tea bags in a heat-resistant cup and pour over 200 ml of hot water.
2) After brewing for 5 minutes, remove the tea bags and pour the hot tea over a heat-resistant cup filled with extra ice.
3) Let the tea cool and then enjoy your cup of tea.

“Green Tea and Sakura” - Use hot water just before boiling (90C) for a mild and gentle flavor.
“Roasted Green Tea and Ginger” - Brew with hot water as much as possible draws out the aroma of the ingredients.

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