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Article: New Saketernal Series Launch With a New and Sustainable Proprietary Ingredient

New Saketernal Series Launch With a New and Sustainable Proprietary Ingredient

New Saketernal Series Launch With a New and Sustainable Proprietary Ingredient


Sakekasu x lactic acid bacteria.
This beauty method dating back to the Edo period, combines advanced technology with
a multifaceted approach to adult skin concerns. SAKETERNAL is a simple yet highly-effective skincare line.


Using simple yet profound methods handed down from the Edo period as inspiration, we have created a range of products using biotechnology and adding a unique twist to a targeted beauty regimen. The Saketernal Skincare Series is an anti-aging skincare line that embodies the concept of "BACK TO BASICS" that EDOBIO stands for.

Essential beauty, for modern skin

The Saketernal skincare series uses "lactobacillus fermented sake lees extract," a special ingredient that has been handed down for generations since the Edo period (1603-1868). Fermented with EDOBIO's proprietary lactic acid bacteria, “Saketernal” stems from "SAKE" and "ETERNAL". Saketernal uses innovative technology to rejuvenate the skin and address signs of aging for men and women of all ages.


Sakekasu x BiProGE Lactic Acid Bacteria - EDOBIO's unique approach

Sake lees are an ancient Japanese superfood. EDOBIO has focused on the nutrients in sake lees (peptides, amino acids, vitamins, yeast, etc.) and applied them to anti-aging care. The sake lees created during the pro- duction of sake are already fermented, but EDOBIO has developed their own proprietary "lactobacillus-fer- mented sake lees extract" by adding BiProGE® lactobacillus; fermenting and cultivating it for the proper period of time, so as not to compromise efficacy.

Sake Lees ( SAKEKASU )

The sake lees come from Michisakari, a brewery in Gifu Prefecture and are made using methods passed down from the Edo period. The proprietary lactic acid bacteria is cultivated via cross-fertilization with lactobacillus and yeast contained in the soil of the rice paddies. Cohabitation fermentation with yeast, which has higher immune activity than normal lactic acid bacteria fermentation results in moisturizing function for the skin, while arbutin and linoleic acid x BiProGE Lactic Acid Bacteria promotes natural brightening.

Sake lees produced in the brewing process are partly recycled into amazake (sweet sake) and cosmetics, but most of them are disposed of as industrial waste. We are contributing to ecology and embodying clean beauty.

Three simple items.

The EDOBIO Saketernal Series lineup provides holistic care for the skin using minimal products. A combina- tion of the refreshing moisturizing lotion, youth-boosting serum and clarifying mask treatment is all that is needed to promote brighter, clearer skin and overall skin health.



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