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At EDOBIO, we operate under the vision of promising to the consumer and society the following things: 




 " We will always be open and transparent in society "


" We are committed to work on plant - derived ingredients in the newest  innovations "

" We will continue to be a brand that is friendly to people and the environment "


Why Made in JAPAN? 

The quest for the highest standards in the world and the sensitivity to the smallest details gives a feeling of ease and relief that the strictest of standards has been adhered to. Our original biotechnology, in synergy with an excellent team of researchers, creates an environment that is capable of producing new materials.



The interesting benefits using EDOBIO SOAP

Our quality bar soaps are made with premium ingredients such as plant-based BiProGE®︎Lactic Acid Bacteria, and plant-based essential oils and extracts. Cosmetic additives are comparatively less than liquid soaps.


No Preservatives

EDOBIO SOAP does not require preservatives to stay fresh, safe, and effective. 


EDOBIO SOAP is a mild alkaline soap

If a mildly acidic soap is used to cleanse our mildly acidic skin, the soap will be gentle on our skin, but it will be difficult to wash away the dirt and old keratin, and there is a possibility that the dirt and sebum will accumulate. A mild alkaline soap is far more capable of washing away the dirt. This means that there might be some damages to the skin, but after washing with this alkaline soap, the skin has a natural tendency to revert to being mildly acidic, so there is no need to worry. If there is a build-up of old keratin, the skin’s natural turnover rate will diminish.

Use a mild alkaline soap to stimulate the skin to bring out its own inherent strength.