Japanese Tea Blend Set


Flavor and comfort that makes every day a pleasant day.

Blended tea for health and beauty, a combination of Japanese ingredients that have been favored since the Edo period.

Introducing the second series of our tea blend from EDOBIO’s Inner Beauty lineup. Our new teas include a blend of EDOBIO’s proprietary blueberry leaf and Japanese tea leaves, along with other Japanese ingredients like Sakura and Ginger. While Japanese people may feel comfort and nostalgia from these flavors, we hope people overseas experience the charm of Japanese tea. This is our way of providing a breather for the busy, modern person amidst their everyday life, and to support their inner wellness, all through a cup of tea.

This set includes: 

1x All Japanese Tea Blend Green Tea and Sakura (2g × 20 bags)
1x All Japanese Tea Blend Roasted Green Tea and Ginger (2g × 20 bags)

*No preservatives, No synthetic fragrance, No synthetic color

Expiration Date: September 2023 


Made in Japan

1.All Japanese Tea Blend -Green Tea and Sakura
Green Tea (Japan), Blueberry Leaf (Japan), Sakura Blossom Leaf (Japan), Matcha Powder (Japan)

2.All Japanese Tea Blend -Roasted Green Tea and Ginger
Roasted Green Tea (Japan), Blueberry Leaf (Japan), Ginger (Japan)

Hot tea:
1) Place 1 tea bag in a heat-resistant cup and pour over 200~300 ml of hot water.
2) Brew for 5 minutes.
3) Remove the tea bag and enjoy your tea.

Iced tea:
1) Place 2 tea bags in a heat-resistant cup and pour over 200 ml of hot water.
2) After brewing for 5 minutes, remove the tea bags and pour the hot tea over a heat-resistant cup filled with extra ice.
3) Let the tea cool and then enjoy your cup of tea.
“Green Tea and Sakura” - Use hot water just before boiling (90C) for a mild and gentle flavor.
“Roasted Green Tea and Ginger” - Brew with hot water as much as possible draws out the aroma of the ingredients.

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