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Saketernal Absolute Ritual

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A complete set containing all the 4 Saketernal Skincare products

Using simple yet profound methods handed down from the Edo period as inspiration, we have created a range of products using biotechnology - adding a unique twist to a targeted beauty regimen. 

The Saketernal Skincare Series is an anti-aging skincare line that embodies the concept of "BACK TO BASICS" that EDOBIO stands for. The EDOBIO Saketernal Series lineup provides holistic care for the skin using minimal products. A combination of the refreshing moisturizing lotion, youth-boosting serum, rejuvenating night mask and clarifying mask treatment is all that is needed to promote healthy, ageless skin.

Sake Lees ( SAKEKASU ) is the main ingredient in this line. The sake lees come from Michisakari, a brewery in Gifu Prefecture and are made using methods passed down from the Edo period. Sake lees are an ancient Japanese superfood. EDOBIO has focused on the nutrients in sake lees (peptides, amino acids, vitamins, yeast, etc.). We have developed our own ingredient “lactobacillus-fermented sake lees extract" by adding BiProGE lactobacillus. 


This set contains:

  • Saketernal Radiance Booster Mask - 70g
  • Saketernal Fresh Balancing Toner - 150ml
  • Saketernal Intensive Hydration Serum - 30ml
  • Saketernal Glowing Night Gel Mask - 44g

Made in Japan

Saketernal Absolute Ritual
Saketernal Absolute Ritual Sale price$210USD