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Article: A Minimalist Approach to Skincare

A Minimalist Approach to Skincare

A Minimalist Approach to Skincare

In recent years, the rise of extensive skincare routines and layering multiple products for the maximum effect has been very popular among beauty enthusiasts all over the world. However, a rising trend where routines are kept simple and minimal is currently on the rise.

In this post, we’ll be sharing about the incoming skip-care movement, the benefits of keeping a simple routine and why you should hop on this simplistic skincare routine today

Too much of a good thing can be bad

The practice of extensive skincare routines came from the concept of layering, where you layer multiple products onto your skin in order of their thickness. Thinner and more watery products came first, followed by thicker and creamier products. This style of skincare became very popular as it allowed people to target more skin concerns by using several different products and layering them all for maximum effect.

However, this maximalist approach came with its own downsides. With such extensive steps, some found this approach too time-consuming. Some have also found that layering too many products can actually lead to congested skin, not to mention breakouts due to different products reacting to each other.

The rise of Skip-Care

By using fewer products and curating a more thoughtful and minimal routine, skip-care offers a wholesome skincare routine without being too time-consuming. Consisting of multi-tasking products, skip-care says that we should be more receptive to how our skin's actual condition is and to customize our routine based on how our skin feels like that day instead of going through a checklist of steps.

You don't have to sacrifice good ingredients or necessary steps. Instead, maximize the products and application methods you use in your routine to get amazing results

Why you should keep it simple

Aside from saving time, skip-care also help you to identify the essential ingredients for your skin and avoid the use of unnecessary products for a simpler, yet proper, skincare routine. By reducing the number of steps in your routine, you’re more likely to see if a product or an ingredient is making an actual difference or causing any reactions compared to if you layer a ton of products on. This is especially perfect for those with more sensitive skin, but everyone can benefit from having a more stripped-down regimen.

Must-haves in your simple skincare routine

The key to a successful skip-care routine is to incorporate multi-tasking hybrid products. These gems can cut out the number of steps in a routine without sacrificing efficacy.

We recommend starting with the essential trio (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) and incorporating products like masks and serums depending on your skin’s condition. 

Bring it back to the basics with EDOBIO

Incorporating the powers of sake-lees which is rich in peptides, amino-acids and vitamins, EDOBIO’s versatile range of skincare products is perfect for jump-starting your skip-care routine.

EDOBIO Floradiance Soufflé moisturizing Soap
An alkaline soap suitable for both face and body, this mild soap can be used even by those with sensitive skin. Creating a "soufflé" type of foam, it contains no harmful additives and cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture or leaving it dry. Click here to explore.

EDOBIO Radiance Booster Mask
A booster for radiant skin, this rinse-off clay mask helps the skin combat damage from external factors. With mineral rich kucha (sea salt) from Okinawa, it softens the skin’s texture and promotes a bright complexion.

EDOBIO Fresh Balancing Toner

A spray lotion with a lightweight formula, this product contains a carefully selected blend of botanicals for moisture that lasts. It can also be used as a mist throughout the day for additional hydration. Click here to explore.

EDOBIO Intensive Hydration Serum
A unique double-layer serum, this product provides concentrated hydration that rejuvenates the skin while keeping the skin’s natural protective moisture intact. With sweet potato root extract & blueberry root extract, this serum promotes circulation and skin clarity. Click here to explore.

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