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Article: How to balance your skin’s pH level

How to balance your skin’s pH level

How to balance your skin’s pH level

It's a little-known fact, but learning how to balance skin pH is often crucial for a more radiant complexion. Some of us don’t consider our skin’s pH level on a regular basis, and our skin’s pH level can actually be affected by lots of factors like our dietary choices, our harsh cleansers, or any negligence in our daily skincare routine. 

Today we’ll be discussing all about skin pH, why it’s important, what affects it and how you can re-balance your skin.


What does skin pH mean, and what is the ideal pH for balanced skin?

pH stands for the ‘potential of hydrogens’, and skin pH describes our skin’s level of acidity or alkalinity. The pH of our skin is essentially its water-to-oil balance. A balanced skin pH supports our skin in forming a healthy skin barrier, and our skin barrier is a protective, slightly-acidic film on the skin’s surface that keeps moisture in and keeps infectious bacteria out.

It’s generally accepted that acidic skin – falling somewhere between 5 and 6 on the pH scale – is optimal. Recent studies have proposed that the best pH level for skin may even fall just below 5.

Why is pH balance important to skin?

Our skin produces an oily substance called sebum. It’s made up of our skin’s natural oils, helping to hydrate, moisturize, and protect our skin from damage. 

When our skin’s pH is on the alkaline end of the spectrum (above 7 pH), it’s not producing enough sebum. This is when we experience acne breakouts, and sensitive, dry skin. This makes our skin especially vulnerable to fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. When our skin’s pH is more acidic (below 7 pH), it’s producing more sebum than necessary. This is what causes oily, greasy, acne-prone skin. Acidic skin is actually ideal for fighting off free radicals and slowing the ageing process, but when the skin is too acidic, it becomes oily, greasy, pimply, increasingly sensitive, and easily irritated.

When skin is at its optimal pH level, the skin barrier’s function and moisture retention improve. A slightly acidic skin pH also helps normal (healthy) bacterial flora remain attached to the epidermis. Maintaining an optimal skin pH level allows the skin to enforce a much-needed skin barrier by producing just enough sebum.

What are the signs of your skin’s pH being out of balance?

While our armpit and genital areas tend to remain more acidic, the skin on our hands and face are another story. Although pH testing strips can be an affordable, accurate, and accessible method to test your skin levels, alkaline skin is often associated with conditions like dry patches, eczema, acne and breakouts

How can skin pH balance best be restored?

Above everything, avoid harsh cleansers. Cleansing products and soaps that contain harsh ingredients, like parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), fragrance, and BHT (synthetic antioxidants) should be avoided at all costs. These ingredients are not kind to your skin, and they often have super high pH levels that confuse your natural oil-to-water ratio.

Instead, switch to a gentle cleanser like EDOBIO’s Floradiance Soufflé moisturizing Soap. Containing BiProGE, this alkaline soap is suitable for both the face and the body. Creating a "soufflé" type of foam, it contains no harmful additives and cleanses the skin without stripping it of moisture or leaving it dry. Click here to explore.

Toners have a natural ability to “recalibrate” the skin’s pH level after cleansing, and it’s important to stay away from toners that use alcohol in their ingredients. Although toners with alcohol are effective for killing bacteria, they do a lot more harm than good. Alcohol dries out the skin, which causes redness, irritation, flakiness, and worst of all—lots of wrinkles.

EDOBIO’s Fresh Balancing Toner is not just free from alcohol but is paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free and EU allergen-free. With minimal ingredients, this spray lotion features a lightweight formula and contains a carefully selected blend of botanicals for moisture that lasts. It can also be used as a mist throughout the day for additional hydration. Click here to explore.

Finally, never forget to moisturize. Hydration is the key to happy skin. When the skin is moisturized, not only does it produce the perfect amount of sebum, it also leaves you with a bright, supple, firm, and soft complexion. As we age, our body’s production of collagen, elastin, and natural oils starts to decrease. When our natural oil production slows down, this decrease in hydration damages our skin barrier. 

EDOBIO’s Intensive Hydration Serum is a unique double-layer serum that provides concentrated hydration that rejuvenates the skin while keeping the skin’s natural protective moisture intact. With sweet potato root extract & blueberry root extract, this serum promotes circulation and skin clarity. Click here to explore.

Keep your skin pH in check and balance your skin today with EDOBIO!

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