Making An Impact: Four Reasons to Love Masu Soap by EDOBIO

This April as we celebrate Earth Day, it’s the perfect time to make the switch to eco-friendly products in your beauty and skincare routine. 

At EDOBIO one of our favorite sustainable products is Masu Soap, which has benefits not just for your skin but also for the planet. Here are a few of the benefits that make it so amazing:

Benefit #1: Patented Nutrient-Rich Ingredients 

The key component of Masu Soap is BiProGE® Lactic Acid Bacteria. To create this unique proprietary ingredient, EDOBIO uses an original strain of lactic acid bacteria and yeast and we enhance its efficacy through our own advanced biotechnology processes. 

Although the lactic acid is naturally nourishing for the skin due to the nutrient-dense, mineral-rich Japanese soil it is derived from, what makes it truly special is our patented techniques which have been found to further improve its immunity activation properties. 


Benefit #2: Minimal-Waste Packaging

Thanks to its unique soap bar format, Masu Soap provides a more sustainable alternative to liquid soap. 

Understanding that liquid soaps take more energy to produce and require 20 times the amount of single-use plastic packaging, EDOBIO wanted to design a product that generates less environmental waste. Because our product lasts twice as long, making the switch is a win-win solution that saves our customers money and is also better for the planet. 

Benefit #3: Glowing Results for All Skin Types

As skincare products go, Masu Soap is incredibly versatile and effective for a variety of uses. For oily or acne-prone skin, it can help to promote healthy oily balance and inhibit the growth of acne bacteria. 

That said, all skin types can enjoy Masu Soap as it is naturally moisturizing, and encourages healthy cellular turnover. It can even be used for sensitive skin or as a full-body cleanser, thanks to its gentle, alkaline formula.

Benefit #4: Award-Winning Innovation

Since launching, Masu Soap has become a favorite of EDOBIO fans but additionally, our bar soap has been recognized internationally by the AA Environmental Possibility Awards.

In 2022, it was selected by the organization as an Environmental Hero of the Year based on the criteria of upholding the highest eco-friendly production standards, including low pollution output and low carbon footprint. The mission of the Environmental Possibility Awards is to spotlight products making a positive contribution to environmental preservation and as a clean beauty brand, EDOBIO is honored to be recognized for this distinction.

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