Radiance Booster Mask – Japanese Clay mask can save your summer routine!


The Edobio radiance booster mask contains very high concentrations of active ingredients, which makes it work in record time, almost instantly. In addition, it not only act on the superficial layer of the skin but also affects the deeper epidermis. In general, it provides hydration, cleaning and luminosity, and other more specific properties such as anti-aging and corrective effects. It also helps make other cosmetics more effective. 

On the one hand, if before your daily skincare routine you include the use of a regulating, cleansing, and purifying mask, you will enhance the effect of the rest of the cosmetics more than if you apply it afterward because the skin will be more receptive and free of impurities. And on the other hand, the mask acts as an enhancing treatment.

What is Edobio and what does it do?

Edobio is a radiance booster mask that is highly concentrated in active ingredients, which when applied to our skin can create an occlusive to our daily skin exposure, which replenishes the skin and prevents the skin from being damaged.

The Radiance Booster Mask can improve the appearance of the skin on your face from scratch. It’s the best Japanese clay mask for summer.

How does the Radiance Booster mask work?

When using Edobio radiance booster mask, as soon as you put them on your skin, you notice a sensation of freshness and intense hydration.

When you remove this beauty facial mask, you notice that the skin has an incomparable velvety finish, they make the skin more hydrated, cleaner, and detoxifying, the contours are redefined and wrinkles are reduced.

In short, the face dazzles youth, which is why Edobio radiance booster mask should become the perfect ally before going to an event.


Dull and extra dry skin: nourishing mask

Who doesn't sometimes need extra hydration? If you notice skin that is tight and lacks luminosity, it is time to apply a nourishing mask to restore optimal hydration levels and give it extra luminosity. And the best time to do it, without a doubt, is at night. While we sleep, our skin is more awake than ever. Regeneration is faster and the skin works harder, so the loss of hydration is four times greater.

The Edobio radiance booster mask takes advantage of the moments when the skin is most active to repair and regenerate it with the help of active ingredients like the green tea leaf extract and the green tea seed extract that are anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-photoaging, and promotes clear and glowing skin. This plumping effect treatment has a state-of-the-art gel texture that adapts to the skin to form a second skin barrier that helps maintain hydration throughout the night. Upon waking, the skin regains its shape and feels regenerated and plump as well as intensely hydrated.

Damaged and reddened skin: repairing mask

Are there times when you feel like your skin is...saturated? With redness, tightness, a feeling of discomfort, off? It is a sensation similar to that caused by prolonged exposure to the sun (when you have not used enough protection). For those moments, you need a face mask that repairs the damage to your skin and gives you back the feeling of luminosity and softness.

The Edobio radiance booster mask offers you extra help to repair the damage caused by external agents (the sun, the air, the dryness of the environment...). This refreshing mask is enriched with mineral-rich Kucha (sea silt) from Okinawa, which absorbs microscopic pore dirt, provides moisture, and softens the skin's texture. That gives you smooth and radiant skin.

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