Summer Support: Four Benefits of Adding EDOBIO’s Intensive Hydration Serum to Your Seasonal Skincare

Although the summertime may be over sooner than most people would prefer, the key to ensuring that your skin is protected during the weeks leading into autumn is a supportive daily routine. 

From the Saketernal Series by EDOBIO, Intensive Hydration Serum is a product that can be used to enhance any skincare ritual and provide the skin with everything it needs to stay healthy and glowing. Here are a few of our favorite benefits:

Benefit #1: Natural ingredients that won’t irritate your skin

During summer, the skin will be more vulnerable to irritation from external aggressors and sun exposure. Knowing this, it is very important to avoid aggressive products or active ingredients that may cause additional stress or inflammation. For this, the Intensive Hydration Serum is a perfect solution because it is formulated with nourishing botanicals that soothe the skin, including green tea seed, blueberry leaf, and sweet potato root extracts.

Benefit #2: Gentle resurfacing benefits

EDOBIO’s signature ingredient, lactobacillus fermented sake lees, is a natural source of lactic acid and a unique moisturizing agent. It can help to provide an effect similar to exfoliation, improving the skin’s texture, reducing the appearance of dull skin, and preventing buildup of dry surface skin, all without removing vital moisture or compromising the skin’s protective barrier.

Benefit #3: A dual approach to moisture infusion

The real secret behind EDOBIO’s Intensive Hydration Serum is a double-layered formula that combines botanical oil with an extract layer of the sake lees. This unique quality allows the product to deeply moisturize and replenish the skin throughout the day, fighting moisture loss. For the summertime in particular, this helps to revive a complexion that has become depleted, following exposure to heat, humidity, and other elements. 

Benefit #4: Lightweight hydration for all skin types

Despite containing oil-based ingredients, it is worth noting that the overall consistency of the Intensive Hydration Serum is that of a light elixir. Its silky texture absorbs seamlessly into the skin without clogging pores, making it an ideal choice for hydrating oily skin, as well as combination, dry, or sensitive types. Additionally, keeping hydration at optimal levels will help prepare your skin going into the fall season, when moisture in the air tends to be more scarce. 

How To Add Intensive Hydration Serum to Your Daily Ritual
Because hydration is crucial for addressing all skin concerns, including acne and aging, EDOBIO’s Intensive Hydration Serum can be used both morning and night, for an instant boost. For best results, you will want to apply to fresh, clean skin. Following washing with a gentle cleanser and applying toner, you can prep the product by gently shaking the container, so that all ingredients are perfectly mixed together. 

Next, apply 5-6 drops of serum and massage the product into the skin so that it becomes fully absorbed. A light moisturizer or cream should be applied as your finishing step before sun protection or makeup if desired. With daily consistency, the product will work quickly to support a smooth, supple, and luminous looking complexion!

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