The best New Hair and Body Care products to try out!

The new products, which include Smoothing Shampoo, Glossing Conditioner, and Renewing Body Soap, are now available !

Holistic Whole Body Care Inspired By Edo Beauty Wisdom: About The New Products

During the Edo period, skincare ingredients were limited, so rice bran was often used for cleansing the face and hair. Today, science has discovered that when used in beauty formulas, rice bran contains effective anti-aging components such as phytic acid and ferulic acid, which are known to promote healthy skin and hair.

Understanding this, EDOBIO focused on leveraging biotechnology science to innovate the period’s “rice bran beauty regimen” and the result is a line of hair and body care that can be used to create modern beauty rituals.

All products from this new collection utilize EDOBIO’s proprietary moisturizing ingredient, BiProGE lactic acid bacteria, derived from fermented rice bran extract, lactic acid, and yeast. They also feature Kunisato No. 35 blueberry stem extract from Miyazaki prefecture – known as being “the king of polyphenol” – for additional beauty boosting properties. Lastly, all products are scented with a unisex blend of essential oils, providing aromatherapy enhancement.

The Benefits: Key Features of Smoothing Shampoo, Glossing Conditioner and Renewing Body Soap

Smoothing Shampoo: For use as a gentle everyday wash, Smoothing Shampoo is a foaming plant-based formula that uses charcoal powder to cleanse, absorb dirt, and reduce odor. It works to address skin care for promoting a healthy scalp, while also moisturizing the hair and ensuring softness and shine.

Glossing Conditioner: Enriching hair with essential moisture through plant-based ingredients, Glossing Conditioner nourishes the hair from all angles, and creates a smooth, flawless finish. Key ingredients include shea butter, artemisia capillaris, and camellia oil for locking in hydration, and encouraging repair of damaged strands.

Renewing Body Soap: Providing everyday skin support for the entire body, Renewing Body Soap is a gentle formula filled with ingredients that nurture the skin, rather than cause irritation or moisture loss. EDOBIO’s proprietary BiProGE lactic acid bacteria and blueberry stem Kunisato No. 35 work to refresh and cleanse, while encouraging balanced skin health.

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