Timeless Beauty Rituals: Our Tips For Adding White Jade Gua Sha To Your Skincare Routine

EDOBIO is a brand inspired by traditional beauty practices and is proudly preserving the ancient tradition known as gua sha with our newest skincare tool. Made from precious white jade, and carefully crafted to provide a contouring facial massage, the gua sha stone makes the perfect complement to your at-home care rituals. 

When incorporated into your wellness routine, facial massage has many benefits, including softening and smoothing of fine lines, reduced dark circles, a more lifted and firm skin appearance, and an overall bright, glowing complexion. For enjoying all that gua sha has to offer, here is what we recommend:

Tip #1: Massage The Entire Neck And Face Area 

When performing your gua sha, the technique can be applied to the neck, face, and even shoulders, starting at the bottom and working your way up. You should also always massage outwards, starting in the middle and moving towards the edges of the face and ears. When finished you can complete your protocol by working down the neck, which will promote lymphatic drainage.

Tip #2: Perfect Your Technique With Gentle Pressure

Much of the magic of gua sha is due to its ability to move excess fluid and stagnation beneath the skin. In order to achieve this effect, a delicate touch is best. Your massage should never hurt or feel uncomfortable. In fact, it should feel very relaxing. Hold your tool at a 30 to 45 degree angle and sweep it gently along the natural curves of the face and neck. 

Tip #3: Combine Gua Sha With Your Favorite Products

Gua sha massage is very effective for infusing products deeply into the skin, and using a serum or oil will also help ensure that the skin is never pulled or stretched. At the beginning of treatment, be sure to apply a generous amount of product and allow it to absorb as you complete your ritual.

Tip #4: Clean and Store Your Tool With Care

After each use, it is very important to wash your gua sha stone to remove any bacteria. To do so, we suggest using your favorite facial cleanser and a damp cloth, or you can also soak the tool in a bowl of warm water with gentle soap. Because white jade is very fragile, you will also want to keep it in a safe place when you are finished. For this, the EDOBIO gua sha tool comes with an eco-friendly pouch, where it can be easily stored until your next massage!

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