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Hydrating Eye Cream

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An all-encompassing care for around your eyes  - 20g

Hydrating Eye Cream is an all-in-one eye cream that deeply moisturizes, combating dryness, eye bags, dullness, and fine lines, resulting in brighter and revitalized eyes.

Formulated with meticulously chosen plant-based ingredients from ancient Japan, it boasts a luxurious texture and a delightful fragrance. Its rich, oil-infused formula creates a thick layer on the skin, for easy, gentle massage.
To incorporate it into your skincare routine, apply this cream as the final step, gently spreading it around your eyes, where it seamlessly becomes one with your skin.

Skin Type/Concerns

  • Dry Skin
  • Eye Bags
  • Dullness
  • Fine Lines


  • Deeply Moisturizes
  • Reduces Eye Bags
  • Brightening
  • Revitalizing Effect

Key ingredients

 Lactobacillus-fermented sake lees extract (Sake lees × BiProGE® lactic acid bacteria): EDOBIO’s special complex moisturizes the skin while improving texture, and helping to prevent dullness caused by dry skin.

BiProGE® lactic acid bacteria: Our proprietary lactic acid bacteria, it has outstanding effects on the skin, such as moisturization, natural bacterial care, and skin barrier protection.

Blueberry stem extract: A plant rich in proanthocyanidins, often referred to as the "king of polyphenols," contributes to aging beautifully.

Persicaria hydropiper extract,Glucosyl hesperidin, Soybean sprout extract: These ingredients address a wide range of common skin care concerns regarding the area around the eyes, to revert dull and dry skin back into a lively and radiant gaze. 


Made in Japan

Hydrating Eye Cream
Hydrating Eye Cream Sale price$66USD