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Article: Why Use Eye Cream?

Why Use Eye Cream?

Why Use Eye Cream?

Eye cream is one of those products many of us have heard about but may not have considered using. But did you know that experts recommend you using eye cream as early as your 20s? That’s because when it comes to skincare, the earlier the better.


Eye cream was created to combat the lack of natural moisture under and around the eyes. While the majority of the face may be moisturized in some way due to the sebum – or natural oil – found on the skin, the eyes are less likely to be impacted by the oil. In addition, the skin around the eyes is much thinner than around the rest of your face. This is a recipe for faster aging skin.


Many people may start to use eye cream only once they have begun to notice bags under their eyes or crinkles on the corner of their eyes. However, you should actually be using this cream before you even see the first hints of wrinkles or discoloration. That’s because eye cream aids in under eye skin hydration. Even if you are already using facial cream, many experts consider eye cream to still be the preferred method of under eye hydration, as these creams are specially formatted for the tender skin under your eyes.


If you are considering using eye cream, we recommend using Edobio’s Hydrating Eye Cream. The all-natural cream is an all-in-one eye cream that deeply moisturizes the area to combat dryness, eye bags, dullness, and fine lines; this results in brighter and more revitalized eyes.


When selecting the perfect eye cream, consider the label ingredients. You do not want to use something full of chemicals. Our eye cream was meticulously formulated with plant-based ingredients from ancient Japan, thus allowing for usage on all skin types. This includes even the most sensitive of skin.

Use this eye cream at the end of your skincare routine, gently spreading it around your eyes, where it seamlessly becomes one with your skin. The cream will aid in reducing eye bags, revitalizing the skin, moisturizing the area and brightening the skin around the eyes.

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